Fully automated HVAC controls solutions. Efficient. Effective. Hassle-free.


What I can do for your controls needs


Commissioning controls implementations for single or a few chillers, or entire plants. This involves inspecting and testing configurations and designs, and managing / supervising the implementation phase.

Advise On Design

Advise on effective controls design for your installation, from a knowledgable and experienced point of view.

Create Functional Specs

If you're planning on getting an HVAC installation, I will evaluate your cooling needs with you and create a so-called functional spec that outlines the should-be configuration of your installation and what your controls should allow you to do.

Advise and Support on existing controls systems

If you have a system already in place, I can evaluate its functionality and effectiveness for you and advise on changes. I can of course make these changes happen as well.

Create and / or Configure Software

If in need of custom made software for your controls system, or when your existing controls software doesn't meet your needs, I can write, re-write or configure it for you where necessary.

Train Personnel

If your personnel responsible for creating controls solutions could benefit from an experienced second-opinion on how to do things. I have 20+ years of experience in training people and raising the professional bar.

Whether your project is about just one or a few chillers, or a larger scale plant, I'm confident can make it work efficiently and fully automated, truly supporting your needs!

For inquiries on how I can help you, please contact me.

“Get your HVAC controls diagnosed and treated by a pro.”

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