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About me

My name is Peter Krill. I've been employed by the Dutch branch of the international HVAC market leader Carrier Corporation for over 30 years before going into business for myself. Now I do what I love most and do best: creating effective and satisfying solutions for environmental controls.

I have 20 years of experience in designing, creating, optimizing, and implementing controls solutions. I've worked on projects all over the world, varying in size from single or a few chillers for corporate offices, hotels, hospitals, and data centers, to multi-chiller plants that provided the right environment for mission-critical production facilities of major electronics- and (petro)chemical factories, cruise ships and even an entire city quarter of a desert city!

Like no other, I understand the sensitive nature of properly and effectively cooling environments of both machines and people.

My mission is to deliver efficient, effective, fully automated and hassle-free HVAC controls solutions for your equipment. Regardless of project size or complexity. My approach to any project is thinking alongside you to help you achieve your goals. My work ends only when both you and I are satisfied.

For inquiries on how I can help you, please contact me.


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